YouTube Channels & Affliates

TobyMinceraft is a not-so popular YouTube personality, creating videos in a variety of content across a few channels, some managed by just Toby and another by he and a friend. Here's the current master list of his channels (and friends/affiliates), including a brief description of each. The videos are one of said channel's most-popular videos, not in any particular order.

TobyMinceraft - Minecraft

This is Toby's primary channel, where you can find all his new Minecraft content. Though there's not much content, Toby hopes to change that by uploading Minecraft maps, gameplay on/off his server, and "Best of" compilations of Minecraft YouTube personalities including (but not limited to) himself, Phineapoo, SimpleFlips, RTGame, and more.

TobyMinceraft - GarageBand

Toby's GarageBand channel, originally created to show videos for a high school class. This was at first his only channel, so you could find more than just GarageBand content; to help the YouTube algorithm, content on this channel changed to GarageBand only. Toby likes making music, and this is where he puts it, with videos similar in style to Kevin MacLeod.

TMC Media / TobyMinceraft Productions

Not really a stand-alone channel, but one that exists because of the GarageBand channel. Here Toby uploads only the audio from the GarageBand videos, and occasionally another person's music (with permission either previously set or received via messages).

Alabaster Rocket Jumper

Toby's gaming channel. Again, this content was mixed in with Toby's GarageBand stuff, which would've angered the YouTube algorithm, so this channel was born. Toby and his IRL friend Pickles Dill upload primarily Super Mario 64 content, but the collection includes titles such as RollerCoaster Tycoon, Cities: Skylines (needs better computer), Garry's Mod, Donkey Kong (franchise), and Mario Kart (franchise).