About TobyMinceraft

TobyMinceraft is a somewhat-new Minecraft content creator and YouTuber; with only a few Minecraft-dedicated videos, Toby hopes to continue this path, but current situations make it difficult for him to do so.

Where it All Began

TobyMinceraft started his journey way back in June 2016, uploading his first Minecraft video on his now GarageBand-only channel; the video was a tutorial for a Pool Table design he found searching the internet. As explained in a comment on the video, the build he showcased the table in was found in the book "Ultimate Minecraft Creator - The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft and Other Games". The next four vidoes (all uploaded at same time) were actually for a high-school astronomy class mini-project, showing how the sun looked during the 2012 Coronal Mass Ejection (also referred to as a "Solar Storm") - one of the largest on record.

Four- and seven months later Toby released his most-popular video (at the time - with 341 views as of May 06, 2020) and first GarageBand cover (respectively). The cover was of Dire, Dire Docks from one of the most-popular Nintendo games Super Mario 64. While not receiving as many views as the tutorial, this was still a fun project. From this GarageBand video onward, you can see just how much Toby has progressed through his musical "career" (actually just a hobby, and will probably remain that way). The then-most-popular video was a tutorial of how to have two open windows of Minecraft at once on Mac; the process is now defunct, as Mojang updated the way the launcher handles starting the game - now you can have more than two windows open (works on Mac, Linux, and Windows).

Fast forward two years later, Toby gains much higher knowledge in both the Minecraft-side and GarageBand-side of things. Since then, he's released a couple still-works-in-progress Minecraft maps, and continues to produce music for the Phamily Karts minigame on the Rising Dawn Network server (mostly covers of songs, but a couple originals).